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Let's cut to the chase...

I hear this all the time! People say things like,
"... Pinterest for bloggers is DEAD"
"... You have to use paid ads to be successful on Pinterest now"
"... There's no point in using Pinterest for business anymore!"

As a blogger and eccomerce entrepreneur, I totally believed it.

I saw other bloggers losing traffic, getting banned, and becoming SO frustrated with how unpredictable Pinterest became in 2020. I almost gave up!

 Have you ever felt like this... ?

You know Pinterest has the potential to bring in THOUSANDS of pageviews, clicks, and targeted traffic to your website, but you have no idea how!

There’s so much confusing and outdated Pinterest advice out there- should you pin lots or a little? Do followers matter? What about group boards?

You’ve been trying to master Pinterest but you have NO idea if your strategies are even working. Sometimes the numbers are up and other days, they fall.

I've been there!

Pinterest was my FAVOURITE traffic source for years, until late 2019! Suddenly, my impressions, shares, and link clicks plummeted. I was doing all the same things I had always done, but I was staying stagnant!

X  I started pinning MORE through Tailwind and using all the fancy features.
X I bought Pinterest courses that were filled with all the same outdated info.
X I tried all the “tricks” like deleting pin, using Tailwind Tribes and the 80/20 rule.
X I bought pin templates hoping beautifully branded pins would skyrocket my reach!

Guess what… none of it worked!

My account stayed stuck and my traffc + sales were suffering.

In September 2020, I was fed up and DETERMINED to figure it out!

So I finally:
dropped Tailwind (eeeek),
stopped pinning 50+ times a day, and
 started behaving like a content CREATOR not a consumer!

What happened? I reached 1 million+ impressions in 30 days.

From this...

To this!

Forget the "old school" Pinterest advice!

A lot has changed in 2020 and the old school Pinterest strategies just don’t work anymore!

What are they?

X “Pin 50+ times a day!”
X “Use a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind”
X “Follow the 80/20 pinning rule”
X “Keep your pins on-brand”

Sure, this might get you a few website clicks every month, but if you want THOUSANDS of visitors and customers landing on your website, this advice totally doesn’t cut it anymore (sorry Tailwind!).

How do you succeed in 2021?

Believe it or not, there IS a really simple way to use Pinterest in 2021 to get thousands of visitors to your blog or website. What do you need to know?

👉🏿 Content is EVERYTHING and Pinterest is a content-machine. I’ll show you how to keep
Pinterest happy without pulling your hair out!

👉 Think like a creator, not a consumer. Pinterest rewards users who understand how to keep people interested and engaged.
👉🏽 Focus on finding the balance between SEO and social strategies to grow a healthy profile.

Most of all, it takes patience!

Wanna know the exact strategy I used to skyrocket my Pinterest views
(without using ads or Tailwind?!)


Pinterest Decoded!

The ultimate course to help you master your Pinterest strategy so you can skyrocket 
your views, clicks, website visitors, and SALES!

Here's what you'll learn...

All the basics: how to set up your account for success, start ranking for important keywords, AND how Pinterest is different in 2021.

  • Exactly how to do keyword research for your pins + how to make sure you're getting targeted traffic to your blog or website.
  • The step-by-step process of creating and sharing viral pins that bring in thousands of clicks on autopilot (without using Tailwind!).
  • The exact pinning strategy me and my clients use to get thousands of views, shares, and new subscribers every single month!

Regularly $97!

Module one

In the first module, you’ll learn all about Pinterest basics including:
- how Pinterest ACTUALLY works,
- what the algorithm changes look like for 2021, and
- how to behave like a creator instead of a consumer

Module two

In module two, you’ll set up and optimize your Pinterest profile. We’ll look at:
- how Pinterest SEO works,
- how to understand Pinterest analytics, and
- how to set up your profile & boards for maximum reach

Module three

Module three is all about the BEST manual pinning strategies including:
- how to get followers (and why they matter),
- exactly what to pin (and how often), and
- how to use new features like story pins and engagements

Module four

In module four we’ll look at exactly how create viral content for Pinterest including:
- how to come up with daily fresh content,
- how to find keywords for maximum reach, and
- how to create viral pin images

Module five

In the final module, we’ll cover common Pinterest myths + mistakes including:
- when to join group boards,
- when to share other people’s content, and
- pinning frequency + avoiding spammy behavior

BONUS: The Pin Pack!

As soon as you enroll, you'll also get in INSTANT access to 30 pre-made pin templates ready to be customized in Canva (great for ANY niche!).

The Investment

As soon as you sign up, you're getting:
- instant, lifetime access to the entire Pinterest Decoded course
- and entire manual pinning strategy you can start TODAY
- The Pin Pack with 30 pre-designed (ready to use) Canva templates

Regularly $97!

The Results

What they're saying

With Liz´s help, I was able to find the perfect niche & monetization strategy, I learned how to set up my blog SEO optimized, how to create and come up with new content, how to get the best out of Pinterest and how to launch my own products in the future!

Liz is not only a great blogger with a lot of experience but also a great teacher and coach! She wants all of her students to succeed and offers so much help and motivation!

- Marina, lazybonespace.com

Liz has patiently guided me from running a business that HAD no plan, no process and absolutely no level of social media and online marketing prowess, to running a business that is NOW streamlined, with targets and well laid out processes. 

As I run several businesses (with this one being my first in the ‘online training’ industry) I have very little time to dedicate to social media platform algorithms and learning other platforms. Liz meticulously selected marketing plans that optimized the growth and performance of my business.

- Kristy, versionofyou2.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course taught?

Pinterest Decoded is taught through a series of video and written lessons. There are 4 main modules with plently of tutorials for the tech and pinning strategy sections.

You're getting access to my ENTIRE pinning strategy and the strategy I use with my own clients.

What happens when I enroll?

As soon as you enroll, you’ll get instant access to the entire course! Start anytime and go at your own pace. You'll be able to start your new pinning strategy INSTANTLY!

You'll also have LIFETIME access to the course material and updates.

Is this course for beginners?

Great question! We do cover the basics of starting a new account, but we also get super detailed with SEO, optimization, and pinning strategies, so if you’re not happy with your Pinterest reach, this course is definitely for you!

Why is the course so inexpensive?

I totally understand being skeptical when you see a course for under $100 (especially when there are a lot out there for WAY more!).

I wanted to make this course more accessible because I know how frustrating it can be finding the RIGHT strategy. I’ve grown a few blogs from scratch, so trust me, I get it!

This course is step-by-step my ENTIRE pinning strategy and exactly what I would do if I was starting my account all over again!

Traffic is SO crucial for bloggers and online businesses, and without paying a lot for ads, Pinterest is the one platform that can grow your audience the fastest.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this course, we do NOT offer any refunds.

Let's grow your traffic

Use a simple Pinterest strategy to create more views, more clicks, more engagements, and more income in your online business!

Regularly $97!